Letter From An Honest Child

I used to steal candy a lot and manipulate my parents. I would hit my sisters and I would irritate my grandmother a lot. I would be fake with my dad all the time. When I live at home I had a lot of mad at my birth mother. I was mad at her for abandoning me. When I was told by my dad that the orphanage found me outside of the gates, I felt like I was not loved and wanted. When I got to Ms. Debbie’s I started to forgive my birth mother. I stopped stealing and I learned how to love and that I am worth loving. What got me to get better is Ms. Debbie’s love. I started to know that I am worth being in a family. Before I came to Ms. Debbie’s I wanted to commit suicide because I thought I was not wanted. I don’t want to do that anymore. Being at Ms. Debbie’s made me feel happy.