Other Professional Services Include:

Debbie’s One on One Phone or Skype Parent Coaching Sessions

One of our most valuable services, our remote coaching sessions will help you better comprehend why your child has been reacting in ways you don’t understand. These tools also provide support in overwhelming situations you encounter with your child. Skype and phone sessions aid in building or deepening the relationship with your child. I teach nurturing techniques, guide you on how to implementing structure in your home and give you problem-solving solutions. This is also a great way for both parents to get some training at the same time.

Let’s start the journey of healing.

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DISCLAIMER: We are not licensed therapists and the information we provide is not intended to diagnose any mental or physical condition. We are professional therapeutic parent coaches, providing help and support to families in need. Our advice or instruction may not necessarily be appropriate for your situation and should be discussed with your family’s professional healthcare provider.