Our Vision

So many families have found themselves in desperate situations when parenting a child with attachment disorder. They often feel hopeless, misunderstood and at a loss for answers and support. Studies show the earlier that parents find the right method of treatment for children with this condition, the better the prognosis.

Our desire is to provide a safe place for parents to connect with one another. RadConnection offers the ability to share ideas, find support and communicate with other families facing similar issues. Working together, we can become a part of the solutions for healing children and families who are dealing with early childhood trauma. Parenting a child with attachment disorder can be very challenging so finding the right help and fellowship can make a difference.

Our Goal

Ideally, we seek to provide information and resources for families in need. Our database of professionals and products in your area is a ready source for you to create ongoing solutions.

We provide a platform for professionals to communicate with one another allowing them to share methods and ideas while they are growing their client base here at RadConnection.

Our Mission

Our aim is to be the heart of the attachment disorder community. We believe our work ultimately brings a much need awareness to our society around this issue. We provide knowledge and statistics that drive funding and make other resources available.

Our Impact

Parents who take advantage of RadConnection have a place to share and find help for their child battling attachment disorder. One of our objectives is to help to put a huge dent in the amount of violence spreading throughout our country. There are times when children who are unattached and wounded are at the center of that violence.

Finally, we are building a collective voice that stands for healing and true solutions. We educate the world on the importance of how crucial the early developmental years are in forming healthy attachments. Although many people do not realize it, the first three years of a child’s life have a great impact on how the rest of his life will play out. Let’s find effective ways to make a difference early.