Breakthrough Parent Training
Exclusive Membership Package for only $24.99 a month
When you join BPT’s
Exclusive Membership Package
This is what you will be receiving:
You will be joining
 Breakthrough Parent Training’s
Private Exclusive Facebook Page

A special Facebook page just for our group. Each week I will be choosing an important topic beforehand concerning attachment disorder. You will have a chance to submit questions prior regarding the topic and I will try to incorporate suggestions or answers during my live streaming.

Question & Answers on Facebook

You will also be able to submit questions weekly which I will try to incorporate in my teaching time our group phone call. Helping you to learn new strategies and techniques to heal your family. This is a safe place where you can share and get support each day. I check in and participate in serval times a week.

Book Club

Plus Bi-monthly I chose a book or DVD to talk about on facebook live! We all have busy lives, so some of us may not always have time to participate but you can always view the comments made regarding our book selection. It’s a great place to learn and build some new friendships.

One 90 minute group telephone call

On the last Thursday of every month (8:00 – 9:30ET)This is a Q&A session on a conference line where you will be able to share and talk about your challenges. We will be learning techniques that work and empower us as we heal our entire family. Sometimes just listening to others as I am coaching will help you gain a greater understanding.

You will also receive some, one on one time with a free 1-hour phone call with me.

 Thereafter you’ll receive any addition phone sessions at 50% off, as long as you are enrolled with Breakthrough Parent Training’s Exclusive Membership Package. After signing up you’ll be given a code, simply go to my phone and Skype page and schedule your free 1-hour session.