Debbie’s Side By Side In-Home Parent Coaching

We can provide guidance and instruction in four major areas:

Truth telling, structure, nurturing and ways to experience loving times between you and your child. Our parent coaching services help parents gain the tools and strategies needed when parenting a child that is suffering from early relational trauma. For more information or to schedule In-home Side By Side Parent Coaching Services.

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Training on how to become a Therapeutic Respite Service

I provide guidance, support and training for respite services seeking to provided quality therapeutic setting for their clients. There is high demand for respite services that provide structure with a heightened awareness on how to best sever families with attachment disorder children.

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Therapeutic Motivational Respite and Parent Coaching

Sign your child up for one of my 7 day therapeutic respite weeks. There are 3 weeks to choose from and space is limited.

Workshops & Seminars

Our expert workshops and seminars offer the following benefits:

  • Learn how to better support families dealing with Reactive Attachment Disorder and Early Childhood Trauma.
  • Help therapists better understand how RAD and Early Childhood Trauma impact families.
  • Gain an overall greater understanding of RAD and Early Childhood Trauma.

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Adoption and Re-adoption Parent Training Services

I provide training to prepare families that are seeking to adopt a child and for families that are seeking to re-adopt a child who needs a second chance.

Training for parents that are seeking to adopted a child that has experience abandonment, early childhood trauma, multiple placements or abuse is crucial. Learning prior to adopting or early on is important to giving your new child the best start in their new family. Your new child will normally have different needs so gaining
knowledge and learning parenting skills that can rectify and start helping your new child trust as you parent them is very important. Getting training can help alleviate problems that can occur down the road. It also helps to blossom a deep connection between parent and child.

Anyone giving a child a chance in a family is a wonderful gift. When we decide to give a child a second change at being adopted, more times then not the child’s ability to trust has lessen with each placement. There are a lot of variables here; did the last family not have the skills or availability to parent the child, were there to many siblings for the child to heal in the last family, were there young siblings that couldn’t defend themselves, was mom to burnt out to continue and needed to pass the torch to a new family, was there a death of a parent in the last family, was the last family abusive or neglectful, is this child acting out sexually with other members of the last family. This list can go on and on, however there are many families that have chosen to take on this challenge and have become very successful. The biggest key is to go into this with your eyes wide open and lots of proper training. Come to terms that this child will most likely need a strong loving therapeutic parent’s or parent that is committed, emotional available, that provide lots of structure and loads of nurturing. Possessing a great understanding of how to parent a child with RAD or attachment issues is highly recommended.

We offer parents services for per and post adoptive training. We also offer healing and guidance services to families that have decided that their children will need to have a second chance in a new home. This is such a hard decision and can leave families feeling like failures or filled with a lot of mixed emotions. This situation happens more than most probably know and sometimes it takes more then one family to heal a child that has been so affected or damaged by the early trauma they have endure. We offer a safe place to share and to begin to recover and find the right mind set to move forward.

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