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This site was developed for many reasons, the most important one was to give a much-needed gift to families whose dedication and efforts have gone unnoticed in our society.

Truth is, the efforts have not only gone unnoticed, but many of us tend to be misunderstood by society as well. It’s hard for others who have not experienced a child with attachment issues to understand how families struggle. So providing a much needed awareness and building a community of families is a primary goal for  RadConnection.

Finding the proper help for our children to heal is imperative. Many of us have experienced an extremely hard time finding professional’s who are skilled in the area of attachment disorder and early childhood trauma. RadConnection is looking to solve this problem by providing the resources needed through our professional directory.

Our children only have one childhood, we need to find effective solutions to heal our un-bonded children, and help our families as a whole. This site also provides an awesome training center for parents, as well as many other avenues you can choose from, in our professional/product directory.

RadConnection provides a free membership for parents.  Register, join our parent community and connect!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Live Chat with other parents around the world.
  • Access to the Parent’s Private Blog Center.
  • Enjoy our Question and Answering Center. This is a place where parents and professionals gather together to provide answers and quick responses.
  • Make some new friends and feel supported and understood.
  • You also have the ability to email one another right from your membership dash board here at RadConnection.
  • Explore our professional directory where you can locate the right professionals or products for your families needs.
  • You can finally get some answers with, Breakthrough Parent Training’s Comprehensive Video Series. This is a 7-week training course you’re going to want to purchase. If you decide to order, you will automatically receive 4 training videos and printable hand-outs a week over the 7-week time training period. These breakthrough videos will appear right in your RadConnection’s dashboard. There are 29 training video’s that you are not going to want to miss!  Click here to learn more 

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