In today’s world teachers and social workers are faced with enormous challenges when it comes to our children. Our social workers have huge caseloads and not enough of the right resources for our children and families in need. Teachers and children are having to worry about their safety in ways never before. Dues to the breakdown of the family many of our children are suffering from early childhood trauma which affects the schools and foster-care system. In many cases, healthy families have adopted children with attachment issues and are now in need of resources as well.

RadConnection provides a platform for teachers and social workers to connect and share. Building a community where we can share resources and strategies that are working for our children. When we share our thoughts and ideas can create solutions

This is a free membership and is given in help of building a better tomorrow for our children.

  • With your Free membership, you will create your own profile and have the ability to connect with teachers and social workers throughout the nation.
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  • Access to our Question and Answering Center, where you can post a question or feel free to answer questions that would benefit others. The question and answering center is shared by parents, professionals, teacher and social workers.

RadConnection is a place to find resources, professionals and connections that can make a difference.

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