Elena’s Journey

I know it’s hard to have R.A.D, both for the child and for the parents.

I know because I had R.A.D. My name is Elena. I was adopted from Russia when I was just 13 months old. My mother new I had a problem when she saw me but she still took me in. I believe how I got R.A.D. was not being taken care of like I should have been when I was a baby. I was not given the love and care that a mother gives her new born baby.

My life before I was better was not the greatest. I got in trouble a lot. I did sneaky things, I lied and I didn’t know what love was. It was very hard for my mom because me and her did not really have a bond. I was also getting my older brother in trouble all the time when it was really me doing the wrong things. I hurt baby animals and lied and did sneaky things. It hurt my mom a lot. It was a very hard time for me and her. My mom found Ms. Debbie. I had to go live with her for two weeks. I did not understand what was wrong with me. I felt as if my mom did not love me.

The first two weeks were weird. Living with someone I didn’t know. I kept working with her and I ended up stayed with her for a year. Ms. Debbie made me feel loved and at home. She taught me how to love and what love is. She was like a mother to me. Of course at first working with Ms. Debbie I hated her. I was always mad at her and was doing stuff to make her mad. It took a bit, but I started to bond with her. After I had bonded with Ms.Debbie it was time for me to go home and get that strong bond with my mom.

I started to bond with my mom. Debbie was still a part of my life. Sometimes I would go live with her for a week, or she would come down and see how I was doing. I was not all the way better yet and at times would still test and do things that would hurt my mom and my relationship. After about 5 years with Ms.Debbie working with me and my family I was almost done with R.A.D.

I am now all better and living with my family in Florida. I am a normal 12 year old, going to school, hanging out with friends, I even have my own puppy. I could not have done it without Ms. Debbie’s help and support. Me and Ms. Debbie are great friends and I love her so much. I know Ms.Debbie can help lots of families who are going threw the same thing and I know she will.