Examples of Blogs – 2018 Edition

Nov, 14 2018  4:15 PM-4:15 PM

By Debbie Bobbitt Harris


Our journey started in June. A guest speaker came to our church to talk about the way adoption portrays the gospel in a tangible real way. I listened with tears in my eyes and prayed, “Lord, please work in our family so that we might share the gospel by adopting someone into our house.”

The following January, we had a exchange student from China staying with us. To entertain her, we sat as a family to watch Pete’s Dragon. I expected a cute kids movie. I did not expect that my life would change as I watched. The movie is about a boy who loses his parents and grows up wild with a dragon in the forest. He is found by a family, by a mom, who brings him as part of the family. I watched with tears streaming down my face. A prayer grew in my heart: “Lord, please allow us to be the family and me to be the mom who takes in a boy who needs love and a family.”

Two weeks from the time I saw that movie I got a phone call from a dear friend. She knew of a boy who needed a family. This was a boy who she loved, a boy she wanted to bring home. After a lot of prayer, she knew he was not supposed to be theirs, but the Lord showed her my face. She told me about Luke. She told me a little bit of his story. Luke had been adopted from China when he was very small by a nice American couple. Luke however had RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), which made him a challenge for his parents. They sought help from Debbie, a RAD specialist. He had been living with her for a year. During that time, his parents had decided that Luke needed to be with another family. My friend thought of me. When I presented all of this to my husband, his response was the confirmation we needed to proceed: “What if he goes to a family that doesn’t know Jesus? We have to bring him home so we can teach him the gospel.”

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Nov, 14 2018  4:15 PM-4:15 PM


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